HOTEL Skaistažiede


  1. Hotel Skaistaziedė is open 24/7, the doors are unlocked until 11:00 p.m. a bell near the door.
  2. Guests are registered on the day of arrival and are received from 2:00 p.m. You must check out before 12:00 on the day of departure.
  3. Guests are required to present an ID upon check-in.
  4. Upon arrival of the group, the leader must present the list of the group, his document and requisites.
  5. Guests must pay for accommodation immediately upon arrival at the hotel.
  6. For guests to extend their stay, i.e. to choose a late departure, guests must pay ½ of the daily price.
  7. Please note that guests pay for all persons actually living in the room.
  8. No refunds are given for unused services, complex services are not exchanged for other services.
  9. For the safety of the guests, only registered persons are allowed to stay in the rooms.
  10. It is forbidden to gather in companies, have fun and make noise, drink alcoholic beverages, and smoke in the rooms (for smoking indoors, a fine of €100).
  11. For the convenience of the guests, inform the hotel administration if you notice technical or equipment malfunctions.
  12. It is forbidden to move any inventory to another room without the knowledge of the administration.
  13. From 23:00 to 06:00 in the hotel – quiet time. Please respect the rest of your neighbors. If something prevents you from resting, inform the hotel administration.
  14. Customers must comply with fire safety regulations. It is forbidden to burn candles.
  15. In case of fire, call 01 or 112. It is necessary to notify the hotel administration.
  16. The administration is not responsible for valuables or money left in the rooms.
  17. Items left or forgotten in the rooms are stored in the storage room.
  18. Do not leave electrical appliances switched on when you leave the premises.
  19. Guests must return the hotel room key to the administrator upon departure. If a key is lost, a key production fee will be charged to the guest’s account.
  20. Guests must compensate the hotel for material losses caused by the fault of guests or persons invited by them. The damage is assessed by the hotel administration.
  21. Any disputes are resolved through negotiations, and failing that, through the procedure established by the LRT laws.

Peaceful and pleasant rest, you are always welcome.